Monday, April 26, 2010

To be Majicked

Isnt it strange how spending just a little time with certain people can change your perspective completely. The Last sunday was such an experience for me. The seminar by Shihan Darren Horvath. from Australia was anything short of mind altering. Now think of it this way. the fact that you are reading this now - Is it a coincidence? Is it an Accident? Or Is it Providence?

And will leave a comment? Will you to know more about my art form? Was it planned or did it just happen?
His constant assisted self introspection leading question and contagious calming is something that one has to be wary of. I say wary because he had us charmed by the end of his session. Its almost like we were controlled by imaginary strings and he was the puppet master. At the end of the seminar all of us were truly Magicked.

Looking back now, I realize how powerful training in Budo is. In Darren's own words "All I have to do is make you feel something. I can create a feeling in you". This art actually to control or forecast natural events, effects, or forces by invoking the natural
Within nature we can discern universal principles that are common to all life in its myriad shapes and forms. Seeking to discover the essence and origin of these principles leads to an acknowledgment of the simple yet profound truth that we all participate in a shared existence on our planet, itself participating in the context of the universe at large.
Maybe this is what the Buddha meant when he said - "I alone am Exalted"

Or when Lord Krishna Said "Follow me for the truth"
Or when Jesus said - "I am the One"

Equipped with this truth, i know that I truly dont know and i feel magicked! And I know that i can elicit the same reaction in things and people around me. I figured this art is about realising that Its not real and its not a lie - its just! You are what you decide to be. False Evidence appears real and then creates fear.


I realized Ninjutsu Its about creating a picture it in your mind, and then being aware of point at which you become what you think you are. When you arrive - you are done. This art teaches you to Pierce to the other side And then Keep Going. Bufu Ikkan
Budo to me is the extension of our life, enlightenment of our daily lives and the fulfillment of our mission in life, and Darrens Seminar made me realize something yet again. So I leave you with a few questions

is the Kanji for Magic and Anji in japanse means "To be Majicked" Ironic Eh? That it has to match with my name?

Are there accidents? Are there coincidences? Or is it all providence? Do you control your destiny? Or does your destiny control you? Does destiny exist at all? Do you create the ? Is your future already created?

Darren also pointed out "Sensei" said that "One Has to be centripetal"
And when you do - you might have some answers!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Be Zen, My Friend

In stillness, enlightenment comes easily.
Take a moment to be still,
And embrace the tranquility.

Wisdom as a reflection upon a still lake.
Be Zen, My friend

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