Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Black Belt Hoax!!

So here‘s how I felt,
Today when I got the black belt!
I realised that there is a way,
to get what you want anytime any day!

The secret & the trick is to first want IT
& then go after it - without any BULL**IT
then know ur strengths & weaknesses & become aware
get connected, get moving and practice your fare!!

Believe it & You can become one of the Gods
You can get the power to conquer all odds
all you need to do is believe...
and like I did - your dreams you will achieve

so from today take a "panga" with life
make your passion your wife
flying, dreaming perceiving right & being free

every obstacle becomes a victory!!

It hardly feels like yesterday since I started training and started this Blog. And today I blog from Japan. This afternoon at the DKMS Shihan Arnaud Cousergue walked upto me and asked me IF I was feeling ridiculous wearing a green belt among hundreds of black belts from around the world. Before I could gather my wits to give him an answer he had handed me a blackbelt and the Indian Buyu were clapping and photographs were being taken....

Actually Im still in a state of shock - even though I knew its time for me to get my black belt. Im in shock becuase it came as a surprise even though i was expecting it. I am in shock because I feel I deserve it, but dont know If I am worthy of it. I guess like my 9th Kyu Grade now I will have to deserve it!

For all of you spoilt by the commercialization of Martial Arts - Frankly a Black Belt is NO big deal. Its a hoax actually. Whats important is that you understand the unlimited potential inside you and endeavour to discover the keys to unlock that. Its a Hoax that a world plays on our minds to make us think we have reached somewhere. Its a trick seniors play on juniors to make them believe in something and aim at something. It is what most art practicioners use to make you help make them rich!
Trust me - the whole concept of a black belt is flim flam - its a joke played on the gullible. The black belt is in your head. Imagine if one could free themselves of the options of a limited goal. The possibilities are limitless once this kind of free thinking is achived.

Today I was given my black belt. But i believe Today is the day I AM accepted as a student. Today is when I will start learning. Till now I was learning how to learn - and now I am ready, perhaps.

The trick is to not want success - or failure. Its to just be and keep doing things. Try to focus on your training, there is no substitute for that. The more time, mind and energy you devote into that - the faster you will see results. 1
Afterall showing up is winning half the battle! SO today - Decide to be present - in your present. Become aware of the moment and Enjoy it. AND JUST SHOW UP!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Henka - Change

Its been long since Ive posted here. Everyone said after the Shinken Gata (6th Kyu level) your opinion of Budo changes, and thereby life itself changes. Around the same time (after my shinken gata) someone also told me the best way to grow in Budo is "SHUT UP AND TRAIN". I guess I did take this too seriously! :)

This December I head to Japan,  and soon I might even have my black belt (Have been given my 4th Kyu a couple of months ago). I fear all my Kyu experiences will fade away and I wont remember anything. And so Ive promised myself to devote at least 1 blog per week sharing my growth in the path of Budo with the world, with you. 

Over the last 3 months we (Bujinkan India Dojo) have had the privilege of being visited a International Shihans including Arnaud Cousergue, Darren Horvath. and Robin Doenicke seminar. All these Shihans have opened my eyes to the possibility of us being able to control our lives. If you dive into and fully explore the idea that we create our own reality, you discover that it logically follows that this means we create or choose our own life and death experiences.Training in Budo Taijutsu gives you a practical platform to test out those experiences.

These Shihans have also opened my eyes to the true meaning of the techniques taught by the Bujinkan. And the answer lies in the fact that there are NO techniques. No form. Only variations.
In fact every technique is henka waza, as you have to adapt it to size, speed and quality of uke.

It isnt a coincidence that my Martial name (everyone is free to choose one) is "henka"

Today I truly feel the power of the Martial arts that I'm training, Today I realize that training isn't life, but Life is training. I feel martial arts consuming me. I feel it absorbing itself into every aspect of my life. I feel change seeping through my every pore.
I feel Henka Change is the only constant, its the signal for rebirth and its the egg of the phoenix!

Wish you Happy Changing too! :)