Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Why Do I have a martial arts Blog?

My reason for having a martial arts blog has changed over the last few years for me. My initial thoughts were to use this blog to convey technique, culture, philosophy, kata, and more. Subsequently this became a forum to promote any specific events or seminars that my group had or I was attending. I realised that the more I trained the more I had to share and the world of budo being so vast and deep there was defintely no stop to the learning. This blog then became a mirror for my thoughts on budo.

The last few weeks of training have been spectacular with the quality of fellow practitioners being really special and thus I decided to share a few photos from our training sessions here.

Our facebook page www.facebook.com/bujinkan.ae has more photos but here is a glimpse.

Perhaps the real reason I have a martial arts blog is to be able to share the amount of Fun we have at our traning sessions??? Perhaps thats the real reason we train?
 Feel free to drop by anytime. You are bound to meet some great people and have fun! :)
Stay happy, Train hard