Monday, October 8, 2012

Bujinkan Ninjustu training in Dubai

Yes it has been a while since I posted but life has made a whirlwind change over the last few months. Ive always believed life is henka  (変化 - beginning of change/end of change) .. and change is the most inevitable contsant. You can see constant updates HERE

Over the last 4 months, I got a job offer in Dubai, I relocated, started a brand new show on UAE Radio, (Josh 97.8) found a house and furnished it, got my driving liscence, and even started training in Aikido (more on that in another post). Govt documents & relocation has kept me busy and Ive hardly found time to train and lets not even get into blogging!! haha

During training, we have a saying - “Banpen Fûgyô” (10000 changes no surprises) and so to stay true to this motto, I've managed to welcome this change with open arms!
Here's good news - Bujinkan Ninjustu training has resumed as usual. I now train on the mats 3 days a week.
Our classes on Monday and Wednesday (7:30pm to 9pm) are at KO Gym at the DUBAI MARINA and its open to beginners & seniors alike.
We train in weapons, open hand techniques, locks, throws, grapples, ukemi + breakfall and all techniques from the 9 ryuha (schools) of our system!
In case you are in Dubai the Gym is located adjacent to Almaya supermarket in Dubai Marina, the one facing Sheikh Zayed Road
The address is - Dreams Tower 1, Beside Al Maya Supermarket ; Dubai Marina

Here is a photo of my training partners and the Dubai Instructors - Juan Pablo Napoli & Hassan Osman

In case you are visiting and want to traing with us drop me a message or a mail - we would love to see you on the mat!

Let the training continue! :)
Ganbatte kudasai!