Monday, November 7, 2011

Why Do I train?

I haven’t blogged here for a while. There are various reasons for that spanning from being busy to traveling a lot to laziness... but I suspect one of the main reasons is because I haven’t been training enough. Yes there is a connection. There more I train, the more my thoughts get ruffled, the more my beliefs get shaken and the more my conditioning gets disseminated. Now that it’s a month since I’ve been regular with training I feel like I have something to say again. And thus this new blog post! :)

Some time ago I was asked to write a testimonial on “Why I train”. You can see it here. I concluded somewhere in my head “I train because its makes me Who I am." 

This got me started with the unending process of realization .. again... of the answer that eludes most - “Who am I”. Afterall this is the quintessential question that man asks himself time and again. Life is but of course a process of self discovery.
I get into these introspective modes once in a while and the question bugs me till I find some answer and solace and then Im peaceful for a bit again until the next friction in my head makes me ask question myself once again! Cyclical in a way.. like everything in the universe?

Inspired by my friend Purab Kohli and his new show "Life mein ek baar" I realized that In the quest to find out the “real” I listed out my many roles in life and multiple garbs that I wear. Anjaan the Radio Jockey, Anjaan the Programming head, Anjaan the son, Anjaan the Husband, Anjaan the Brother, Anjaan the Brother in law, Anjaan the Professional Compere, Anjaan the social media evangelist, Anjaan the tourism ambassador, Anjaan the Friend, Anjaan the councellor, Anjaan the Party Maker... Who is the Real Anjaan?
I know for a fact that All of it is me.. but at the same time none of it is.
 Purab goes on to say that he chose to do the show to find out the real him. Facing fear and using one's intuitive guts is a sureshot path to find out the self. Which is Why I like Training. When a fist attack is being launched at your face by your opponent, you don’t have time to think of who you are, how you sound, what you are wearing and how you look etc. You just have time to feel the attack and move away. This to me is real and that is why I train.

Names, positions, titles, achievements and wealth often conceal the real "self". Try to avoid being blinded by these terms or else you will feel like a traveler who cant find his way home.  Happy training and I hope you find what your looking for! :)