Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Let your training be ALIVE!!

It is important to occasionally remind oneself why we train in The Martial arts, and what it actually means to us. Besides the usual suspect answers of self-development, creating balance, building stamina, being fearless, slowing things down, having situational awareness etc. etc., when you go deep inside and ask ourselves this question you might be surprised with the answers you find.

In one such recent introspection it dawned to me (again) that The Martial Arts are present in everything we do. At a certain point in your study, your practice stops being a hobby and transitions to become a passion. From there it further evolves to a lifestyle of a way of living. I now know for sure that The Martial Arts can permeate in all aspects and movements in my daily life. In every step I take, in the way I sit, in the way I eat, in the way I walk, in the way I wash dishes, clean the house, walk the dog, in the way I talk to my colleagues, bosses, my wife, in the way I drive, in the way I sleep!! In everything I do, there are ways I can apply everything I am learning on the mats. In every action there is efficiency to find. In every thought there is effectiveness to be found.

Being a martial artiste is like being a priest or a religious man. He doesn’t pray only when he goes to temple or church or mosque. He has dedicated every moment of his life to god. Every action he does is prayer. If your training is limited to the 2 days that you visit the dojo, then perhaps you aren’t really a complete martial artiste. What you do becomes “fitness” or a “hobby” or perhaps even “sports” if you don’t carry it with you everywhere in life.

This 2016, my wish for you, no matter what martial arts you train in, is to carry your art with you into your life. The Martial arts are a deep study, and it is not mere knowledge that you can get by reading a book. You will create true awareness based on your life experiences.

In the New Year permit your relationship with your practice to go deeper. 
Let your training be alive and let it be continuous.
 Allow The martial arts to take over your life and see the true meaning of training. 

Carry your martial art with you everywhere and make 2016 count!
Happy new year!