Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Here's Some exciting news for all Martial Arts lovers. Bujinkan India is having a fantastic 5 Day seminar covering all the portions of the Ten Chi Jin Syllabus. The seminar is one of a kind opportunity. The seminar will be held in Bangalore, India and will be conducted by Shihan Arnaud Cousergue (From France) (aka Kuma).

I suspect the main theme of the seminar will be on the concept DAT - distance, angles and timing. This training helps one to control space, particularly emphasizing the idea of effective fighting without form.

The seminar is open to even beginners. To watch one of the best Martial Artistes in the world show you the ropes, is a priveldge and opportunity doesnt knock often.

Seminar Details

When : 2,3,4,5 and 6th of October 2009 Seminar starts at 9am and go to approximately 5pm Where : Bujinkan India Dojo (Golf Course Road)
What :
  • Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu
  • Weapons Training
  • Defending Others
Main Instructor : Shihan Arnaud Cousergue (From France)
Note :- Classes are held in a non-competitive atmosphere. You do not have to be an existing student to attend; beginners and new students are welcome.

"I often give seminars around the world, but the quality of the depth of the commitment I encountered here, was really refreshing to me. And I want to thank you all for this as it is the promise of a successful future for the Bujinkan community of India" - Quoted from Arnaud Cousergue’s Bujinkan weblog after the 2008 Seminar.

Drop me a line if your coming by, will book a slot for you.

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